Zetetic is an obscure English word coming from Greek through Latin. It has been used as a something-like-synonym of skeptic.

Zetetics — impressive indie rock band from Ukraine. Very personal lyrics and strong mix will renew your senses.

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Band's debut album «Finally I see», according to Inspired, came top of the best albums of last year in Ukraine. Last single «Fly Away» became popular and by its video, in which Lika was singing in sign language for those who can't hear.

The brand new studio work. It's about someone who lives in doubt, striving to find new senses and their truth. Old-school guitars and wall of drums. Enjoy us!

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About us

Zetetics is an alternative music project of singer and songwriter Lika Bugaeva incorporating influences from 90s alternative and experimental rock and electronic music, most notably Radiohead, Muse and Portishead. The music is centered around Lika’s distinctive rich and emotive vocals, reminiscent of Hanna Reid of London Grammar and Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine.

Lika Bugaeva is known in Ukraine for her vocals and poetic lyrics. Finally I See, her stylish debut album topped the Inspired Ukraine album chart in 2014. After establishing herself on Ukrainian alternative rock scene, Lika realized that her true dream is to make music for a wider international audience and perform worldwide.

The birth of Zetetics manifests the pursuit of this dream. Zetetics brought together a team lead by Lika (vocals, piano), Stas Lypetskiy (rythm guitar), Sasha Solokha (drums), Igor Odaryuk (bass guitar) and Victor Zhukov (solo guitar). The debut album, also titled Zetetic gives the spotlight to Lika’s vocals combining it with hypnotic, tangly drums and guitars. The album was received with great warmth in Ukraine, charting on top music media (Comma, MusicInUa). The critics praised Lika’s icebreaking, nuanced vocals and noted outstanding music production quality. Zetetics are known for their powerful and heartfelt live performances. Full concert video «Live in Kyiv» was recognized one of the best Ukrainian music films of 2016 by MusicInUa.

In 2016, aspiring for international music scene, Zetetics went on a self-funded acoustic European tour, performing on the streets and in small venues in six European cities. A series of short movies were made about the tour. It captured the struggles of aspiring musicians trying to make it as independent artists and the joy in receiving appreciation from people in different countries.

Upon their return, the band continue to perform at home and start working on their new album. The first single from the album, Even tonight, is an emotionally charged manifesto about an overpowering, intense experience of love. It is an exciting and unexpected introduction to the band’s new work where Zetetics undertake a more experimental sound. Moody and fluid vocals are combined with mantric, tangly music. The sound is rich in texture and rapid, emotional modulations, giving the album a magnetic, mysterious feel. The new album is heavily inspired by Radiohead, taking inspiration from both Moon Shaped Pool, as well as older albums like Kid A and Amnesiac. In her interview for BestInUa Lika says «I am very inspired by Radiohead’s latest album and I dream to create music like this. And this is not so much about creating a similar sound sound but rather about the amazing way Radiohead are able to communicate feelings by their music».

Lika Bugaeva

Lika Bugaeva

Music and lyrics

Sasha Solokha

Sasha Solokha


Stas Lypetskiy

Stanislav Lypetskiy


Igor Odaryuk

Igor Odaryuk



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